What is the problem with Muslim youth?

12 05 2009

They ‘young factor’ is quite big in the Islamic world. More than half of the population is in the 19-44 age group. This age group — that of course is the most active one — harbors anti-American and Anti-Israel sentiments. This anti-imperialism, as called by local hardline and not-so-hardline groups, is directly affecting the Muslim youth.

The irony of the fact is that the so-called moderate forces in Islamic world are also basically conservative and west-hater from inside. Even if a young Muslim man (am not mentioning women as they are so segregated) tries to get away from the ‘Mullah’ thinking, he gets entangled in the trap of ‘Islamic liberals’.

The need of the hour is to initiate an effort that helps these young Muslims to steer clear of both type of Islamic fanatics. A more liberal interpretation of Islam is must that focuses on cultural aspects of Islam, rather then the religious or west-hating interpretations.




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