The confusing tactics of Islamic fascists 1

14 05 2009

Just visit a mosque in Iran, Pakistan, Egypt or Indonesia. I am not talking about the huge mosques in state capitals but a common neighborhood Islamic center. The first thing you will notice is a strong sense of anti-Americanism. Whether you sit in the traditional Islamic gatherings or listen to Friday sermons, a hatred against America is pretty evident.

The thought that instantly comes in one’s mind is why traditional Islamic mosques are a bastion for extremism? The answer lies in the training and environment of Islamic seminaries.

Islamic madressahs — most are housed in cramped buildings in slums and villages — are the breeding grounds for extremism. As the New York Times recently reported, madresshas offer a very narrow-minded approach in teaching. Pakistani society/government remained the biggest supporter of Madressah education and now bearing the  ‘fruits’ of this support.

In my next post on this series, I will try to dig deeper into the dynamics of Madresshas and mosques.




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