Pakistan: The biggest threat to the world?

23 05 2009

I recently read a thought-provoking lead story in TIME that focused on the deteriorating situation in Pakistan. The writer did some research but the piece lacked a very deep and comprehensive approach. The actual situation is far worse than the one presented in the feature.

Islamic organizations enjoy a very strong grassroots footing in Pakistan. This is perhaps the only Islamic country with the biggest number of Madressahs per square mile. And these seminaries — most of them — have links with Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Add to this the fact that a sizable portion of Pakistani military is sympathetic with Talibans. This sympathy often translates into material help.

The nation of 170 million, mostly Muslims, faces a huge crisis of integrity and moral character. Most Pakistanis are modern day slaves to feudal lords. These feudal also control the government and bureaucracy. The current president of Pakistan, Asif Zardari, and his late wife, Benazir, had/have feudal backgrounds. Same is the case with other political leaders. Common Pakistani feels neglect and left behind.

Huge and widespread cases of corruption are another bane. With the economy in shambles, many Pakistanis even don’t get a chance to earn a basic livelihood. These are the conditions that prove ideal for the militants. United States is again repeating the same mistake of stuffing Pakistani establishment with billions of dollars in aid. This assistance should come with many strings attached. Instead of supporting a corrupt government, plans should be made to make inroads to common Pakistani society.




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