Iran: Still not ready to change its stance

24 05 2009

Iran has become one of the biggest mess for the West. The country, with an active nuclear program, is a direct threat to American interests (and that of Israel as well). Its role and support for Hezbollah is not hidden from anyone. Additionally, it also supports the Iraqi and Afghan insurgents. There are also reports that Iran is supporting some militias in Pakistan.

Despite all these nefarious activities of Iran, United States is ready to indulge in a peace dialogue with Iran. However, it has yet to receive a positive response from Iran. Obama administration is keen on starting afresh with Iran and that is a commendable approach. However, US should also take into consideration the broader picture of Middle East.

Arab countries have strained relations with Iran. The biggest bone of content is the Iranian dream of ruling supreme in the region. Saudi Arabia, in particular, is afraid that Iran can influence the Shia minority in its oil-rich eastern provinces. And Iran has done that in the past. Unless and until these issues are not resolved, a sustainable peace in Middle East is impossible.

Iran is of strategic importance to US but it should not forget the regional history and mindsets. Some people, especially Roger Cohen of New York Times, are trying to influence the Obama administration to embrace Iran wholeheartedly. If acted upon, this would be the biggest mistake of Obama administration.




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