Pakistan behind North Korean nukes

26 05 2009

North Korea has detonated a second atomic device in three years sparking huge international outcry. While every country has condemned these tests, not a single one has addressed the real issue behind this disaster. North Korea got its nuclear arsenal from Pakistan. AQ Khan Network was behind all the development of sophisticated nuclear technology and facilities. Now as N.Korea has detonated the ‘big bomb’, international community should also steer its attention towards Pakistan.

And it is doing exactly opposite of that. While United States has made some plans to secure Pakistani nukes in case of a Taliban takeover, it has paid minimum attention to AQ Khan network. As a matter of fact, Obama administration agreed to ‘pardon’ AQ Khan during its talks with Pakistani president. He will not be questioned by Americans nor his ‘cronies’. Instead, US will give billions in aid to corrupt Pakistani government.

As the world is preparing to tackle the North Korean crisis, another one is brewing in Middle East. Iran is on the verge of making a bomb. The repercussions of an Iranian bomb will be much greater than the N.Korean nuke. Israel’s existence will be at stake and Arab monarchies will fall under the control of Iranians. That would really be a horrible situation for world peace.

It is the best time for the US and European Union to reinvent their strategies. Iran should not be allowed to complete its enrichment process. The bells of doom are ringing and the international community has to act now. Now or never!




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