Tablighi Jamaat: A missionary organization or?

28 05 2009

Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) is a very popular Islamic missionary organization working in South Asia. Now almost a century old, TJ functions as an essentially missionary organization trying to impart knowledge of ‘real Islam’ to Muslims and non-Muslims. The core focus of this organization is to educate the world about the basic components of Islam and to promote ‘Islamic’ living.

Besides working on that primary objective, the Jamaat is also known for its rather moderate approach towards Jihad. Apparently, it has no links with the Jihadis and Al-Qaeda as, according to its principles, Jihad can only be waged by an Islamic government, not individuals.

Despite this thinking, TJ is not completely free of Jihadists. As a matter of fact, Jihadis take TJ as the first step towards militancy. In the Taliban stronghold, TJ was very popular. Many of Taliban leaders took some lessons from the Jamaat.

So we need to know more about TJ. In the next post, I will try to come up with the working of TJ and its alleged links with terrorist organizations.




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