Iran has the best judicial system in the world

30 05 2009

Iranian authorities executed three people who were allegedly involved in bombing a mosque in the south-eastern city of Zahidan. The bombing occurred on May 28 and they have been executed just a day after. Now this is what we call the speediest justice. No judicial process, no litigation and no cross-checking of facts. They didn’t even listen to convicts’ pleas.

Zahidan is located in the border region with Pakistan in the Sistan-Balochestan province. The area is dominated by Baluch Sunni tribes. This least developed area of Iran is known for some massive human rights violations by Iranian government. Hundreds of Baluchs have been murdered by Iranian police and secret agenices while thousands are languishing in jails, under extremely pitiable conditions.

Now Baluchs are not involved in any Jihadists activities. As a matter of fact, they don’t pay much attention to Islamic values. They prefer their tribal culture and values. Baluchs are facing a tough time in their historical homeland for decades. Most of them live across the border in Pakistan where an army offensive is going on for six years. Thousands have been killed while millions have been displaced as a result of this operation.

In Iran, there is no explicit operation but they have no rights whatsoever. They are not even allowed to practice their culture and are penalized for that. This double beating has forced the Baluchs to rethink their options. They younger generation wants independence. Given the natural resoures and strategic importance of this area (it can be a safer alternative to narrow Persian Gulf), US, China and Russia have set their eyes on this region.

Gwadar port is being built in Pakistani Baluchistan while Iran is also trying to build a port in Chah Bahar region. They want to exploit the value of this area but none is eager to grant basic rights to sons of the soil. There can be only one savior for them. US can benefit a lot from the situation. Baluchs are not anti-American like other Pakistanis and they will accept American help. US, in return, will get a safer place to house its troops and ensure a secure oil supply route.

Any US policy makers listening?




3 responses

30 05 2009

It’s way past time for regime change in Iran.

30 05 2009

Yeah. Iran needs a more stern action.

14 07 2009
Iran continues on its discriminatory path « Pro-American Muslims

[…] is oppressive of every moderate voice, the treatment of minorities is absolutely shameful. As we reported earlier, the regime is continuing with its ’speedy’ justice as it just hanged 13 more Sunni […]

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