The fallout of Lebanese elections

8 06 2009

Lebanese have elected a moderate coalition led by Saad Hariri, son of slain Rafiq-Al-Hariri. Western observes have generally hailed the results. However, they are missing one important aspect. Hezbollah has managed to win all the Shia seats and still very popular party among that group. As Shias constitute nearly one-fifth of Lebanon’s population and draw huge support from Iran and Syria, they are harder to be wooed by America and western forces.

And this is a big problem. Hezbollah, despite its horrible criminal and terrorist background, is able to maintain a strong base in southern Lebanon. Israel will remain under threat from Hezbollah attacks. Lebanese governmnet will remain weak and hsotage to Hezbollah. And the U.S will have to tolerate the terrorist activities of this militant organization.

How long will the status-quo continue? Unfortunately, not for long. The western powers have to adopt a strategy to either tame Hezbollah and finding a moderate new leadership in its ranks or destroy it with full force. There is no other option available.




2 responses

10 06 2009

AMAL won seats, so Hizbullah did not win all the “Shi’a seats.” As for March 14’s moderation, seeing as they were bankrolled by Salafi Saudi princes and used sectarianism to win, your claim is ridiculous. Khalid Daher, the pro-Zarqawi Salafi radical from Tripoli elected on the March 14 ticket? Yeah, real “moderate.”

11 06 2009

AMAL is practically a hostage in the hands of Hezbollah and Iran. Similarly, some Sunni parties are supported by Saudis and this is a very natural thing. As I said, Lebanon has become a playing ground for the Middle Eastern powers. The real threat, however, is Hezbollah as that party is not ready to get involve in a peace process, thanks to Iranian intervention.

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