All eyes on Iran

12 06 2009

Iranians are finally going to vote today. The month-long fierce campaign is at least successful in boosting the voter turnout. We have received reports from my Iranian friends that people are going to vote in large numbers. Young voters especially are excited about the polls and so are the moderates. Last time, they stayed out of the election process and thus had to bear four years of Ahmedinejad tyranny.

Both Nejad and Mousavi can claim victory in these elections. Nejad is supported by the rural communities that make up nearly two-thirds of Iranian population. Mousavi, on the other hand and despite his shortcomings, is the only ray of light for moderate Iranians.

Unlike the general perception in the western media, Nejad can still win these elections. In that case, the western governments will have to take a stern action on Iran. No more sweetning of diplomatic efforts and a more direct talking. Mousavi, on the other hand, is more flexible to western diplomacy.




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