Americans donating, Pakistanis laughing

13 06 2009

Pakistan government has announced its federal budget for the fiscal year 2009-2010. The Rs. 2.482 trillion budget (roughly around $36.1 billion) will be mostly spent on defense expenditures and debt servicing. Major chunk of defense expenditures are aimed at preparing the country for a war against India. This is despite the fact that the country faces real insurgency from Talibans and India is not even a threat anymore.

The most surprising and shocking aspect of this budget is the expenditure on education and health. The government has allocated only $90 million for health and $300 million for education. Isn’t that really shameful? We could have said that it depends on their national priorities and we should not interfere but there is a solid reason not to think on those lines.

United States is giving more than $1.5 billions in annual aid to Pakistan. Congress approved this deal only after getting assurances that the money will be spent on health, education and infrastructure development. Now just compare the $390 million to $1.5 billion. It is not even peanuts and that is really shameful.

American taxpayer money is not given to be spent on the corrupt Pakistani government or on a war against India. What Obama administration is doing in ensuring a fair spending of this huge aid money? Don’t forget the fact that U.S gave Musharraf regime more than $10 billion dollars but they didn’t account for even a single cent. Zardari government is considered even more corrupt, in fact the worst regime Pakistan ever had. He and his cronies are known for spending billions in their personal interests.

And the U.S should not allow that. It is time that a very strict accounting of U.S money should be carried out. Some people in the U.S, especially Admiral Mike Mullen, are saying that the government should not ask for too many assurances from Pakistani government. This is just totally meaningless. Why should U.S money be wasted on crooks when it is badly needed at home? No more lax attitude towards Pakistan. It is enough.




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