This is not people’s opinion

13 06 2009

Revolutionary guards-dominated Iranian election commission has done what was expected. The preliminary reports coming out of that office clearly indicate that incumbent Ahmedinejad has won the elections. Apparently, he got over 65% of votes. This is despite the fact that more than 20% of votes still remain to be counted. Also, there have been widespread news of a shortage of ballot papers at many polling booths last night.

Many people were surprised when they were told that their name is not on the voters list. Now this is really a grave situation. Mousavi has already voiced his opinion that the elections were rigged. Although he has yet to provide any proofs but independent observers have smelled some rats – very big rats.

We have received many reports by common Iranians that the voting process was flawed. The voting time was extended three times but not in all places. Also many Iranians noted the huge presence of state machinery and secret police in the polling stations. Although they said that it was for security, many believe that they were there to rig the elections.

Just wait for the final results to be announced. The world is going to see a big drama in Iran. The repurcussions of Nejad’s election, of course, will be huge and devastating.




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