Iran turns into a bigger mess

15 06 2009

The vice president of United States, Joe Biden, has said that Obama administration will adopt a policy of “wait and see” viz-a-viz Iran. That is understandable as the situation is not clear yet. However, Obama administration could have used stronger words in condemning the frauds in Iranian election. Too much sweetened language will fall on deaf ears.

Coming back to the elections, the protests are flaring up. Many have accepted the fact that Nejad will remain their president, whatsoever maybe his tactics of getting elected. Still, youngsters are not giving up so easily. They are staging massive protests in Tehran and facing the brutalities of the riots police.

There is another aspect of these elections that has been overlooked by the conventional and non-conventional media. None of the candidates spoke anything during the campaign about the Baluch minority nor reached out to them. We have received reports that there was a near-boycott of elections in southern Iran. This part of Iran faces a total criminal neglect and almost all of the population lives below the poverty line.

The international community has to play a bigger role in this regard. European countries that have diplomatic relations with Iran should raise this issue with the Nejad administration. International human rights orgnaizations have even bigger role to play. The horrific conditions and human rights violations should not be acceptable.




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