Muslim society in Europe needs to grow up

17 06 2009

We have decided to start highlighting the  Muslim society in Europe. Our main focus, however, will remain on promoting a healthy relationship between the United States and the Muslim world. Europe, being host to millions of Muslims, is directly affected by the societal and social changes  brought about by Muslims.

France, Netherlands and Germany now boast of sizable Muslim minorities whereas the Muslim population in the United Kingdom is politically more active. The recent rise in tensions between the Muslims and racist groups in Europe is definitely not a good sign. Both parties need to step back and ponder over their current strategies.

For the racists as well as some liberal groups, it is important to accept the Muslim minority as many of them were born in your country. Additionally, the national laws provide equal rights to every citizen, irrespective of their religion. Attacks on mosques and graves and spewing hatred is definitely not a civilized way of protest.

As for the Muslims, they also need to mend their ways. Living in a foreign land and as a minority requires some caution. It is your full constitutional right to demand protection and equal rights. However, many Muslims go to an extra level and start exerting their opinion. In many UK mosques, for example, clerics give sermons about conquering the ‘infidels’ land and converting all to Muslims. This is just shameful.

First, you are not living in a Muslim majority country. Second, you are reaping the benefits of a good and equal life and rights that is absent in your countries of origin. If you are so skeptical of the ‘infidels’ then why are you living in their country. This hypocritical attitude is simply disastrous as many young Muslims are becoming victims of this ongoing double-sided hate.

More on this in later posts as we will continue discussing the repurcussions of Islam in Europe.




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