Where the ‘supreme’ rules supreme

19 06 2009

The supreme leader of Iran has finally spoken against the protesters. He has told them to stop protesting or else face the wrath of brutal Iranian forces. We were expecting the same thing from the so-called supreme leader of Iran. As the country is practically under his rule, dissidents either have to shut their mouths or face grave consequences.

In practical, Iran is still under the shadows of revolution. Western media misunderstood the current protests and took it as if another revolution is going to happen. They even forgot the fact that Moussavi was strongly in favor of revolution and was just representing the internal rift between the mullahs.

Moussavi, Khatemi, Nejad or Rafsenjani, all are different reflections of the same thing. The revolutionaries have won this battle. A more strict enforcement of conservative rules and regulations is now expected. This will continue unless and until the young and democratic Iranians don’t take the matters in their own hands. But, it will take a lot of time, at least a decade or so.




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