Iran behind Jackson’s death?

5 07 2009

Although it might sound absurd but there is a possibility. The toxicology reports will end all the rumors but we will have to wait for another four to six weeks. In the meantime, some rumors are making big waves in both Iran and the expatriate community. Apparently, some Iranians think that Ahmedinejad’s secret service might be involved in the ‘murder’ of Michael Jackson.

Secret service agencies are  known for their dirty tactics around the world. Los Angeles has the highest number of Iranian expatriates and some of them are sympathetic to Iran’s theocratic cum autocratic system of government. With oil money in their hands, they could have penetrated into the close guards of Jackson to do the ‘deed’.

Although this rumours is totally ridiculous but the death of Jackson has practically killed the uproar over Iranian issue. The government has used it as the best opportunity to quash all protests.




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