Massacre in Xinjiang

6 07 2009

Chinese government is on the path of tyranny again. According to a report from New York Times, more than 140 people have been killed in the south western state of Xinjiang. The state, dominated by the Muslim Uighurs, is facing an insurgency for over two decades. Although the struggle was and still is largely peaceful, the authorities have unleashed a rein of terror.

Now they are trying to overcome the dominance of Uighurs by inviting Huns to populate the state. Consequently, there are tensions between the natives and the Huns. As expected and as per the national policy, authorities are fully supporting the Huns in suppressing Uighurs.

Thousands of Uighurs have been killed in riots and extrajudicial killings since 2000. In a recent episode, clashes broke out between the Huns and the Uighurs in which up to 14o people have lost their lives. The actual figure maybe higher as Chinese are known to underestimate the fatalities. There is no other source to confirm the deaths or find the actual number due to huge restrictions on free reporting.

Uighurs are peaceful people who want to co-exist with the Huns. Many are also trying to integrate with the mainstream Chinese society. However, there is still a huge discrimination and unjust policies that block this positive approach. Chinese government has only one way of dealing with all non-Hun groups: suppression. They want to repeat the same episode that is running in the Tibetian plateau.

Islamic extremists are trying to use this situation for their benefit. Although there is strict oppression and surveillance, some Uyghurs might turn toward militancy. The so-called East Turkistan Islamic Movement is operating in that area and these clashes provide a new life to an otherwise dormant organization. International human rights group have to exert pressure to end these tyrannies. Similarly, Chinese government should change its dictatorial attitude if it wants to win the sympatheis of the Uighurs.




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7 07 2009

LET ME CLARIFY A FACT: The majory of the dead are the civilian Huns who has been killed by the Hooligan Uighurs. So please check the fact first before making coments.

7 07 2009

Thanks for your comment. Well you have not stated a FACT. We all know the repression and there is virtually no free reporting from that part of the world.

7 07 2009

Uighurs are peaceful people !? Look at who were killed and who were doing the killing. Savagely beating innocent people to death, not even letting alone women and children. Is that what you called peaceful people. Those who killed shall pay by their lives. Being a lap dog of America will not shield you from law and justice.

7 07 2009
Crystal clear

Even NO reporting would be more objective than BIASED reporting.

7 07 2009
View from the ground

The facts from the ground:

“The streets of Urumqi, a city closer to Tehran than to Beijing, were almost deserted except for mobs of Han Chinese carrying wooden sticks or iron staves who swaggered past shuttered shop fronts. At one point the ethnic tensions spilled over with Han eager to take revenge for the dozens of deaths – mainly of Han stabbed by marauding gangs of Uighurs – at the weekend.” — London Times

The foreign press has been allowed in because they don’t have much to hide. They want people to know there was a massacre of Han Chinese.

However there is no free reporting in China because they have EVERYTHING to hide from the people. There are some very graphic photos of murdered Han Chinese circulating on the Internet. ( )

If they allow this information to spread in China it will incite retaliation across China.

8 07 2009


The state is not “dominated by Uyghur Muslims”. The majority of the government in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is Han Chinese. Similarly, those with the most money — those who run businesses, etc. — are Han Chinese. There has been an obvious move to send more Han to Xinjiang since the 1940s Schools do not teach in the local language — the national language, Mandarin Chinese, which is not related to any of the Turkic languages spoken by XInjiang’s many minorities, is taught in schools, and many of the jobs in Xinjiang that pay well require Mandarin fluency. These policies leave many there to feel that they are second-class citizens in their homeland.

Secondly, last week there was an anti-Uyghur riot at a Guangdong toy factory by Han Chinese; it left two of the Uyghur workers dead.

There is no excuse for the riots and deaths. However, it is easy to understand why many Uyghurs are upset. I know many Uyghurs who love China and do not wish to be a separate country; however, they wish that they were able to speak their own language first, have more role in their local government, and have more of their fellow Uyghurs (or other local minorities) in power, rather than having almost 100% Han Chinese rule.

18 07 2009

This site very fantastic and educational !!

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