Muslim countries need to recognize Israel

10 07 2009

I have failed to understand this shameful behavior by many Muslim countries. They want to have trade relations with Israel and at the same time do not want to recognize this Jewish state. Almost every Muslim state has some type of relations with Israel, whether open or undercover. The list includes the so-called most vocal supporters of the Palestinian cause.

Pakistan, for example, has secret diplomatic interaction with Israel and the latter provided arms cache during the Soviet-Afghan war. Saudi Arabian diplomats regularly meet with Israelis and there are also rumors that Saudis will open their airspace for Israel if it wants to attack Iran. By the way, Iran would do the same if Israel ever wants to attack Saudi Arabia.

Israel is a reality and by not recognizing it as a state would not damage its sovereignty. Although no one can deny the high handedness of Israel and its brutal suppression of Palestinians, the issue will remain unsolved until Arab and other Muslim states recognize Israel and start a dialogue. Hardliner elements in Israel have overtaken the intelligentsia and moderates of that country. They raise the same Arab ‘alarm’ every time the government wants to start  peace process.

The power of these Zionist hardliners can only be quashed if the  moderate forces in Israel get support from the Muslim world. Many Israelis are sick of the continuing violence and want to live in peace with the  Palestinians. Two-state formula is the best solution and everyone has to ultimately agree on it.




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