Iran continues on its discriminatory path

14 07 2009

Iran has not budged from its position on the discrimination and brutal suppression of minorities. Although the conservative militant regime is oppressive of every moderate voice, the treatment of minorities is absolutely shameful. As we reported earlier, the regime is continuing with its ‘speedy’ justice as it just hanged 13 more Sunni rebels in the south-eastern region of Baluchistan.

Iran has a horrible record when it comes to human rights. The regime has executed thousands of political dissidents, both Sunni and Shia. Sunnis especially have very limited freedom and have almost no civil rights. Most of Iranian Sunnis are of Baluch origin and live in the south-eastern part of Iran that borders with Pakistan.

Baluchis also do not enjoy a free status in Pakistan as an ongoing army operation has killed thousands of innocent Baluchs. Many of them have taken refuge in Afghanistan. These people occupy the most important land — both strategically as well as resource-wise — that is rich in oil, natural gas, coal, copper, gold and nickel, among other minerals. Both Pakistani and Iranian government quash the civil right movements and an average Baluchis living a live well below the poverty line.

This oppression can’t continue any longer. The international community has to come to the rescue of these poor people. Baluchs, on a broader scale, are not very religious and despised the activities of Al-Qaeda and Taliban. They are more geared towards secular ethnic struggle. It is high time that Baluch cause should be highlighted on the international stage.




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