This is Iran

14 08 2009

As if the arrests of thousands of protesters was not enough, the authoritarian regime has started raping and executing the inmates. There have been some reports that Iranian regime has brutally executed some protesters. Additionally, dozens or even hundreds have been raped by the Islamic police. This list include both men and women.

Now is not that interesting? Iranian law has a provision to execute homosexuals but on the other hand, their police rape the inmates. Is not that shameful double standards?

Opposition leader and a presidential candidate, Mehdi Karroubi, has leveled these accusations against the government. These accusations are reliable as Iranian regime is notorious for executing the dissidents. Mehdi, being an insider, knows about all the tactics employed by revolutionaries to suppress activism. They have done it in the past and they can do it now. Similarly, the rape of inmates, both male and female, is quite common in Iran and other Muslim countries. They think of prisoners as easy targets and with no human rights. Torture, rape and execution are common in almost all the Muslim countries’ prisons.

Protests have died down and Iranian youth is feeling defeated because of the double standards of these candidates. All of them were rather moderate faces of revolution but not the real proponents of democracy. The movement failed because these people were representing the failed system of revolution. Iran needs a modern democratic revolution that is devoid of any hard-line Islamic teachings. A semi-secular movement is what they need. Unfortunately, no one is yet ready to launch a true democratic movement in Iran and that is their tragedy.




One response

13 09 2009

Why is this so surprising, facist regiemes are capable of anything. Witness the Nazis, the Bolsheviks, the Chicoms, the Imperial Japanese Army, the list goes on. Not very good company to be associated with, eh?

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