Saudis failing to control terrorists

28 08 2009

In the recent episode of rising violence in Saudi Arabia, a terrorist detonated himself in the office of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef. Prince Nayef is leading Saudi forces in countering terrorism. Also, this is the first attack on any person of the royal family in decades. The ease with which the bomber entered the office of Nayef and carried out this attack speaks volume about the flaws in Saudi security apparatus.

It is true that Al-Qaeda has lost a strong base in the Kingdom. The terrorists, however, have moved to the border regions with Yemen where they operate a major terrorist center. The civil war and the resultant lawlessness in Yemen has encouraged them to establish strong bases in the country. There also have been some reports that Al-Qaeda operatives are moving from Pakistan/Afghanistan to Yemen and Somalia. If that is true, a major offensive in Yemen has become the need of the hour.

Even in Saudi Arabia, these Al-Qaeda men can strike terror. A concerted approach is this regard is necessary to tackle this issue. United States, of course, can help them in this regard.




3 responses

30 08 2009
Husain Haqqani

I want to give you American visa.

31 08 2009

I guess Haqqani is the name of Pakistani ambassador in Washington D.C. So you are using his name in posting a comment? Also, how can a Pakistani ambassador (if you really are one) can offer an American visa? I am smelling rats here.

1 01 2010
Joaquin Martinez

This site could do a lot to get peace and prosperity among American Arabs.

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