Muslims have been maligned by the west for centuries. As a practicing Muslim, I have to accept that many of these allegations are/were true. Muslims as a religious entity have lost their roots — and as a result — their strong footing in the world affairs.

The sole reason for this devastation is the lack of any forward thinking on the part of Muslims. We do hear the term ‘Ijtehad’ all the time but no one actually practices it. As a result of our conservative thinking, we have lost our ground.

As the things are changing so fast in this world, Muslims have to rethink their options. Instead of cursing the west for all their evils, they need to forge a good relationship with western powers, including America.

Education, poverty and social degradation are some of the biggest issues faced by Muslims. Add to this the monarchies, Islamic fanatics, so-called moderates who are also fanatics from inside and other interest groups; all of them are the biggest enemies of Islam.

On this blog, we will try to rediscover the original Islam. The religion which does not hate infidels and which is open to modern interpretation. Of course, we will have to involve non-Muslims as major part of our efforts. World peace is our ultimate goal.

You can contact us at proamericanmuslims@gmail.com


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30 05 2009
Satish Sharma

Interesting read.
I don’t know what your target audience is what their viewpoint on these postings are – there are no comments to follow them.

My fear is that it’s a lost cause. I know a bit about how Indian and Pakistani people think – I can hardly find any Indian who’s Pro-US .. forget about Pakistani’s.

Iran on the other hand is different – I personally think the people who hate US most are the ones who are getting most aid/help from US.

30 05 2009

Thanks. Yeah, that is right in a way. Most South Asians don’t hold US in high esteem, especially in Pakistan. Pakistan, for example, gets a lot of aid from the US but still harbors a strong anti-US sentiment. Despite these problems, am working to educate the Muslim youth about the double standards of their own governments. In most cases, the autocratic regimes and fragile corrupt democracies are the reason for Muslims’ turmoil, not the so-called ‘dirty’ West.

10 06 2009

Are you for real?! Do you actually know anything about the religion you purport to follow? Pro-American Muslim??!! How About being pro-Allah?

Brother (or sister), on the Day of Judgement, America will not be there to save you, only your Iman and your deen will count for anything!

And furthermore, there is a specific number of reasons why Muslims dislike the West and the US in particular, these being:

1. The West does all it can to ensure the continued rule of deeply corrupt and repressive regimes across the length and breadth of the Islamic world that are subservient to its political, economic & military interests. Regimes that were usually installed by the West in the first instance (all the gulf monarchies, post WW1) or are propped up through military and financial support (Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia, etc etc). Egypt alone receives the 2nd largest sum of US aid in the world (number 1 is Israel) and this aid is used by the Mubarak regime to maintain its primary support base, the security forces. It is these regimes that are the single biggest cause of the impoverishment, backwardness and downright evil that blights the Muslim world today.

I’ll have a positive regard for the West just as soon as it stops supporting and propping up these low-life governments!

2. The West only supports democracy where it likes the result. Witness the crippling agony of the Palestinians after they voted out the corrupt Fatah movement and voted in Hamas. What followed was an instant increase of the already substantial Israeli blockade (an act of war).
3. Do I really need to tell you about the support for Israel and its effective colonisation of the Palestinians?

By even describing yourself as pro-American, you have effectively renounced the Quran (5:51);

“O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya’ (protectors, helpers or allies), they are but Auliya’ to each other. And if any amongst you takes them, then surely he is one of them. Verilly, Allah guides not those people who are oppressors!”

10 06 2009

Thanks for your comments and for ostracizing me as non-Muslim. First, it has become a tradition in the Islamic world to label everyone as a traitor and infidel if he or she shows them the mirror. I’m just sick of this notion that all Muslims are just too pious and innocent and the west is behind all their troubles.
We, as a religious entity, have to accept our own faults. Western countries and the United States are no angels either but they are not totally responsible for our agony. It is the Mullahs and extremists who are trying their best to engage the west in an open fight with Muslims.

10 06 2009
malcolm x

Dear Proamerican.

Is that rant the best that you could come up with in response to Mohammed?

He has hit the nail on the head and raised precise reasons why the Muslim world is pissed with America and the West in general.

If you really believe that you are on the right track then come up with a point by point rebuttal of Mohammed’s list of grievances. Give it your best shot!

11 06 2009

I already answered his questions. It’s not necessary to answer them point by point. I regularly hear the same rhetoric on a daily basis. I didn’t say that the U.S is an angel but the so-called mass movements in Islamic countries are also not up to the mark. Ikhwan-ul-Muslimon and Jamaat-e-Islamic, for example, exploit the emotions of angry Muslim youth but their top echelon remains in safe havens (with secret interactions with the U.S and even Israel). Anyways, that is a complex issue and I’ll write a post on these assumptions and realities in very near future.

12 06 2009

Dear Proamerican,

I too am a proamerican muslim and am happy to see this website. Of course, America has made its share of mistakes but the onus is greater on Muslims to fight the fundamentalist and righ-wing crazies in Muslim lands. We need to stop blaming the West/Jews/Infidels/Capitalism/TV/Internet/media… (and the list goes on) and instead look inwards.

I encourage you to grow your blog and not be disheartened by readers like “Mohammed” who easily dismisses someone as a non-muslim. I come across these people all the time too. And am so tired of their blame-game – and I think many Muslims are getting tired of them as well.

– Raheem
New York

12 06 2009

Thanks a lot, Raheem. No, I’ll not be disheartened by these people as they are a minority. Unfortunately, this minority has made hostage the greater majority of Muslims. I’ve full intentions of continuing with this blog and engaging in a dialogue with the west.

14 06 2009

Just wanted to express my opinion that this is a great idea for a blog and I wish you all the best. Our time here on this earth should not be spent dividing one another, especially over an issue so trivial as what nation we come from, as some seem to believe. Just as we do not choose our parents, we also have no choice as to where we were born. We are all children of God, and as such, should all seek to do whatever we can to bring mankind together, and peace to this world. Reaching out and initiating dialogue, is the foundation to that, for without it, we will remain strangers to one another. Forming opinions of others, making generalizations of those who differ, without attempting to learn something about them, is what keeps our world apart. It feeds fear and misunderstandings, bringing death to any hope of a better and brighter world for all. One should never be fooled into believing that there is no hope; that we who love one another and want to bring people together are in the minority. It only appears that way, sometimes, because those who love evil and bring darkness and sorrow into the lives of others, get more attention from those actions. They are lost and should be pitied. At our essence, we all share the desire for peace and you have my utmost respect for the effort you are making to play a part in that goal. Peace and love to you and all others who share in this dream and wish to make it our common reality.

20 07 2009
Sabeen Memon

Dear Pro-American,
Honestly, I am fascinated by your concept of questioning the flaws of the Muslim world. Frankly, I am not surprised at the kind of responses you are getting about you being a non-muslim. That is how we typically react: your calling us bad, wait till I show you how bad they are! Either way, their faults or ours, we should be inspired to rectify and act!

20 07 2009

Thanks, Sabeen. Yeah, that is the dilemma of the Muslim world. They are not eager to accept their responsibility and blame the west and non-Muslims for all their problems.

12 08 2009

Qur’an 60:7-8:

“It may be that God will grant love (and friendship) between you and those whom ye (now) hold as enemies. For God has power (over all things), and God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

God does not forbid you, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for God loves those who are just.”

You’re only enjoined from befriending those who fight you BECAUSE of your religion. In the 1100s during the crusades, this was certainly applicable. Today, it’s not.

If anything, the resources that Muslim lands hold is more responsible for transgressions against Muslim states by the West. Only those “pious” leaders with political agendas will pervert Qu’ranic law to make this a war on Islam. This is blasphemy of your religion and they will pay.

People like ‘Mohammed’ would probably be shocked at how many Muslims like him end up in hell for harbouring hate in their hearts.

His points 1-3 are precisely correct though what is in dispute is the conclusion he arrives at in terms of how he would interpret Allah’s message to Muslims about the treatment of non-Muslims. It’s as if he only ever read that scripture of the Qu’ran on relied on someone else to interpret it for him.

Qu’ran 2:85 asks:

Do you believe in part of the scripture and disbelieve in part? What should be the retribution for those among you who do this?

His views are the plight of the Muslim world – past, present, and future.

Keep up the good work and make INTELLECTUAL Jihad against those who claim to be of your faith that pervert it for hate’s sake.

12 08 2009

You have diagnosed it right. Extremist elements have always exploited common Muslims (as most of them are illiterate) by giving blurred explanations of Koranic teachings. Hate mongering can’t eradicate the problems faced by Muslims and we on this blog are trying to negate these long-established notions of hate and confused Islamic teachings.

21 08 2009
James Gundun

I respect the good fight you’re waging. You and I are part of the same struggle for truth, though we may reach different conclusions. Many states and peoples causing chaos in the Middle East and many people are necessary to keep an eye on them. Never blink.

James Gundun, Washington D.C.

1 01 2010
Joaquin Martinez

I agree.

14 08 2010

May Allah guide you.

5 10 2010

If the Quran says: ““O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya’ (protectors, helpers or allies)”, then why can Muslims marry non-Muslims? I know several Muslim men married to Christian women, and one non-Muslim man who is betrothed to a Muslim girl (with certain strict conditions imposed by her father).

I have some wonderful Muslim friends.

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