Two-month delay

22 10 2009

I have been keeping busy in some personal affairs and that is why, failed to post any new blog. But, this does not mean that this search for a common ground is over. We’ll back with a gusto. Best regards!


Pro-American Muslims: A first step towards modern Islam

10 05 2009

Muslims have been maligned by the west for centuries. As a practicing Muslim, I have to accept that many of these allegations are/were true. Muslims as a religious entity have lost their roots — and as a result — their strong footing in the world affairs.

The sole reason for this devastation is the lack of any forward thinking on the part of Muslims. We do hear the term ‘Ijtehad’ all the time but no one actually practices it. As a result of our conservative thinking, we have lost our ground.

As the things are changing so fast in this world, Muslims have to rethink their options. Instead of cursing the west for all their evils, they need to forge a good relationship with western powers, including America.

Education, poverty and social degradation are some of the biggest issues faced by Muslims. Add to this the monarchies, Islamic fanatics, so-called moderates who are also fanatics from inside and other interest groups; all of them are the biggest enemies of Islam.

On this blog, we will try to rediscover the original Islam. The religion which does not hate infidels and which is open to modern interpretation. Of course, we will have to involve non-Muslims as major part of our efforts. World peace is our ultimate goal.