Iran behaving badly

1 12 2009

So Iran is finally showing its real face to the world. They are building 10 new nuclear facilities without any approval from IAEA. In fact, this is in clear violation of international laws and regulations. Ahmedinejad is trying to go all out in brutally suppressing the dissidents and also taking a stern action against international peace mediators.

His policy is nothing short of a disaster for Iran. Coupled with Iran’s role in Yemenite insurgency and attacks against Saudi Arabia, a mini war might happen soon in this region. And that would put an end to world peace. This would happen because of theocratic government of Iran and the dictatorship of Nejad.


Pakistan and India’s animosity – when will it end?

18 07 2009

Pakistanis have a long ‘infatuation’ with India. I would say it an infatuation because Pakistanis want to do everything in accordance with the Indian action. They made a nuclear bomb and Pakistan went on the same track. They tested it and Pakistan wasted no time in detonating its own nuclear devices. The media and entertainment industry of Pakistan is nothing but a cheaper version of the Indian entertainment industry.

Apart from this ‘copying’ game, Pakistan also share a huge animosity towards Indians, which of course it also receives from its eastern borders. Both countries have fought three major and many minor wars. Every five years or so, the world averts a disaster brewing in the South Asian region. The most recent example of this was observed immediately after the Mumbai attacks.

Now Pakistanis are an aggressive nation. They caused all these war and skirmishes by infiltrating into the Indian region and supporting the insurgency movements (there were many apart from Kashmir including Khalistan and Assamese insurgents). Although India can’t be considered a peaceful nation either, they were at least not provocateurs of violence until recently. Now as they are turning the tables on Pakistan by backing the o insurgency and also some groups of Talibans (as per Pakistan’s ISI reports), Pakistanis are feeling betrayed.

Pakistan is also facing serious resentment because of its suppression of minority ethnic groups. The dominant Punjabi establishment will never allow the empowerment of other ethnic groups nor will the feudal system that controls these people like their slaves. India, on the other hand, is free from any feudal society but is facing another crisis: brutal caste system and religious tensions. The long established democratic system has no place for the poverty ridden masses and religious minorities.

The situation is really complex in both countries. While a storm is brewing in Pakistan that can sweep away the very existence of Pakistan, the minimal democracy in India is at least able to act as the lifeguard of the system.

In the next part of this article, I will discuss the complications and contradictions that are destroying the very fabric of South Asia, especially India and Pakistan.

Iran continues on its discriminatory path

14 07 2009

Iran has not budged from its position on the discrimination and brutal suppression of minorities. Although the conservative militant regime is oppressive of every moderate voice, the treatment of minorities is absolutely shameful. As we reported earlier, the regime is continuing with its ‘speedy’ justice as it just hanged 13 more Sunni rebels in the south-eastern region of Baluchistan. Read the rest of this entry »

Muslim countries need to recognize Israel

10 07 2009

I have failed to understand this shameful behavior by many Muslim countries. They want to have trade relations with Israel and at the same time do not want to recognize this Jewish state. Almost every Muslim state has some type of relations with Israel, whether open or undercover. The list includes the so-called most vocal supporters of the Palestinian cause. Read the rest of this entry »

Muslim society in Europe needs to grow up

17 06 2009

We have decided to start highlighting theĀ  Muslim society in Europe. Our main focus, however, will remain on promoting a healthy relationship between the United States and the Muslim world. Europe, being host to millions of Muslims, is directly affected by the societal and social changesĀ  brought about by Muslims.

France, Netherlands and Germany now boast of sizable Muslim minorities whereas the Muslim population in the United Kingdom is politically more active. The recent rise in tensions between the Muslims and racist groups in Europe is definitely not a good sign. Both parties need to step back and ponder over their current strategies. Read the rest of this entry »

Americans donating, Pakistanis laughing

13 06 2009

Pakistan government has announced its federal budget for the fiscal year 2009-2010. The Rs. 2.482 trillion budget (roughly around $36.1 billion) will be mostly spent on defense expenditures and debt servicing. Major chunk of defense expenditures are aimed at preparing the country for a war against India. This is despite the fact that the country faces real insurgency from Talibans and India is not even a threat anymore.

The most surprising and shocking aspect of this budget is the expenditure on education and health. The government has allocated only $90 million for health and $300 million for education. Isn’t that really shameful? We could have said that it depends on their national priorities and we should not interfere but there is a solid reason not to think on those lines.

United States is giving more than $1.5 billions in annual aid to Pakistan. Congress approved this deal only after getting assurances that the money will be spent on health, education and infrastructure development. Now just compare the $390 million to $1.5 billion. It is not even peanuts and that is really shameful.

Read the rest of this entry »

This is not people’s opinion

13 06 2009

Revolutionary guards-dominated Iranian election commission has done what was expected. The preliminary reports coming out of that office clearly indicate that incumbent Ahmedinejad has won the elections. Apparently, he got over 65% of votes. This is despite the fact that more than 20% of votes still remain to be counted. Also, there have been widespread news of a shortage of ballot papers at many polling booths last night.

Many people were surprised when they were told that their name is not on the voters list. Now this is really a grave situation. Mousavi has already voiced his opinion that the elections were rigged. Although he has yet to provide any proofs but independent observers have smelled some rats – very big rats.

We have received many reports by common Iranians that the voting process was flawed. The voting time was extended three times but not in all places. Also many Iranians noted the huge presence of state machinery and secret police in the polling stations. Although they said that it was for security, many believe that they were there to rig the elections.

Just wait for the final results to be announced. The world is going to see a big drama in Iran. The repurcussions of Nejad’s election, of course, will be huge and devastating.