This is Iran

14 08 2009

As if the arrests of thousands of protesters was not enough, the authoritarian regime has started raping and executing the inmates. There have been some reports that Iranian regime has brutally executed some protesters. Additionally, dozens or even hundreds have been raped by the Islamic police. This list include both men and women.

Now is not that interesting? Iranian law has a provision to execute homosexuals but on the other hand, their police rape the inmates. Is not that shameful double standards? Read the rest of this entry »


The weird blasphemy

29 07 2009

Blasphemy is one of the most favorite words in the Muslim world. The sensitivities run so high that non-issues become a great dispute. Some Muslims love to make a mountain out of a mole hill. It is an understandable fact that Muslims do not want any dirt smacking on the holy figures. But why they became so insane while protesting?

The answer lies in the ignorance of a common Muslim that can be easily brainwashed by the mullahs. Interestingly, these mullahs remain at the sideline (as usual) and a common Muslim dies during violent protests. During the 2006 caricature controversy, dozens of Muslims died in Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries. There was a massive loot and arson where banks, offices and shopping centers were set on fire.

There are also minor controversies fueled by religious zealots in the Muslim world. Pakistan is the worst affected country as most Pakistanis think themselves to be the guardians of Islam. This ‘assumed’ guardianship means that they are free to carry out violent protests and chant anti-western slogans. The situation is almost the same in Egypt, Bangladesh and in India. The concept of freedom of speech is virtually non-existent in the Muslim world.

On an end note, there is an old anecdote running under varying scenarios in different Muslim countries. A group of angry Muslim protesters were chanting slogans against a western country (Outside its embassy) in a Muslim world. Police was standing on the sidelines and the protest was turning violent. Suddenly someone started shouting in the crowd that the visa window has been opened and that country is offering free tickets and accommodation. The crowd soon dispersed and one could see a long line of the applicants at the said window.

The crux of the matter lies in the ignorance, poverty and religious extremism. Even those who are educated are not ready to accept the controversial and hypocritical attitudes of Muslim theocracy and that is a real shame.

Iran behind Jackson’s death?

5 07 2009

Although it might sound absurd but there is a possibility. The toxicology reports will end all the rumors but we will have to wait for another four to six weeks. In the meantime, some rumors are making big waves in both Iran and the expatriate community. Apparently, some Iranians think that Ahmedinejad’s secret service might be involved in the ‘murder’ of Michael Jackson. Read the rest of this entry »

Malaysia on the way ‘back’

29 06 2009

Malaysia, once known for its cultural and religious harmony, is fast becoming a bastion of Islamic extremism. Although things are still much better as compared to other Muslim countries, there are fears that this beautiful country can become another Pakistan.

The dominant ethnic group of Malays, that is almost 100% Muslim but around 60% of total population, has started to go beyond its constitutional right to exert pressure on other ethnic groups. We have heard many stories where ethnic Chinese and Tamils were denied government jobs or were relegated to a second citizen status.

There are also many instances where Hindus and Chinese Malaysians were threatened by the emerging breed of extremist Muslims. This trend can grow if the government fails to control it. And, the government is not controlling it. There have been reports that some elements in the government are actually fanning these emotions. More on this later.

Ban on Burka in France

23 06 2009

France is considering a ban on burka. President Nicholas Sarkozy has expressed his desire to ban the wearing of burka in public places. A commission will ultimately decide on the ban. The discussion, however, has given way to much debate on the pros and cons of this expected ban.

Both the European Union and the French constitution allow the freedom of speech and expression. Wearing one’s religious identity is allowed under these laws. The interpretation of this freedom, on the contrary, has led to a friction between the Muslim organizations and the French society. Read the rest of this entry »

Where the ‘supreme’ rules supreme

19 06 2009

The supreme leader of Iran has finally spoken against the protesters. He has told them to stop protesting or else face the wrath of brutal Iranian forces. We were expecting the same thing from the so-called supreme leader of Iran. As the country is practically under his rule, dissidents either have to shut their mouths or face grave consequences.

In practical, Iran is still under the shadows of revolution. Western media misunderstood the current protests and took it as if another revolution is going to happen. They even forgot the fact that Moussavi was strongly in favor of revolution and was just representing the internal rift between the mullahs.

Moussavi, Khatemi, Nejad or Rafsenjani, all are different reflections of the same thing. The revolutionaries have won this battle. A more strict enforcement of conservative rules and regulations is now expected. This will continue unless and until the young and democratic Iranians don’t take the matters in their own hands. But, it will take a lot of time, at least a decade or so.

Muslim society in Europe needs to grow up

17 06 2009

We have decided to start highlighting theĀ  Muslim society in Europe. Our main focus, however, will remain on promoting a healthy relationship between the United States and the Muslim world. Europe, being host to millions of Muslims, is directly affected by the societal and social changesĀ  brought about by Muslims.

France, Netherlands and Germany now boast of sizable Muslim minorities whereas the Muslim population in the United Kingdom is politically more active. The recent rise in tensions between the Muslims and racist groups in Europe is definitely not a good sign. Both parties need to step back and ponder over their current strategies. Read the rest of this entry »